What is Web Development and Web Design | UI/UX | A Short Guide 2020

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Are you looking to get a new website for your company and have some questions about web development and design?

Do you wonder what the difference is between development and design?

Do terms like UI/UX confuse you?

You’re in the right place.

Just keep reading.

Why is Website Design Necessary?

Without website design, web pages would be dull in appearance and lacking in functionality.

Usually, Web design starts with a vision of a beautiful, user-friendly website that does exactly what you want it to do.

But to get there, you need someone that can translate your vision into a digital format.

That’s where the web design team of Next Idea Tech steps into the picture. Our web designers ensure that your dream of the perfect website comes to life and that your new site is crafted in a way that converts curious visitors to long-term customers.

Here are the terms related to web design that you need to know.

      · Layout

In the layout stage of the website design, each element that you want in your website is positioned within a “wireframe” to create a blueprint for your site’s construction 

      · Appearance

The “look and feel” or “appearance” of your site has to do with what emotions it evokes within the visitor to the website. Is the appearance cool and calming, bright and cheery, dark and brooding, etc.

      · Colors

While everyone knows what a “color” is, it takes an experienced website designer to bring together a color palette that will make your website pop.

      · Fonts

A “font” refers to the style of the typeface (or letters) on your website. Like color, fonts are used to convey feeling.

      · Images

Images within a website range from a simple line used for a section break to full-color pictures and infographics.

      · Content

Usually, the “content” of a website refers to the actual words, headlines, and posts that visitors to your site will read.


 2) What is UI/UX?:

UI (User Interface) & UX (User Experience) are two terms used mostly during the web development process. Here is a short explanation of these two terms.

       UI (User Interface):

UI deals with how a person visiting the site uses the website. Features, buttons and input fields are all part of the UI discussion with your website designer.

       UX (User Experience): 

UX or User Experience has to do with how easy or hard it is for your websites’ visitor to navigate the site and find/do what they want. 

3) What is Web Development?:

Web Development is a process of building a website from scratch.

The website design that we talked about earlier is part of that overall website development process.

Depending on the complexity of the website, web development can take as little as a week and as much as several months.

There are multiple programming languages used in website development. Some of the more popular are:

            ·         JavaScript – JavaScript is used for creating some effects, animations, and other interactive elements.

            ·         HTML – HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used for building the basic Text Framework of a website.   

            ·         CSS – CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used for the basic styling of a website.           

            ·         PHP – PHP (Hypertext Pre-Processor) is used within a website server to answer processing requests. 


There are three major parts of the web development process:

 Server-Side Coding:

When you use a website, you are only interacting with its front-end design. Behind every click you make, there is something also happening on the server side. Your request at the website interface is processed in the server. PHP, .NET, Ruby are some of the most common programming languages used in server-side development.

Client-Side Coding:

Client-Side coding or Front-End determines what you see on our screen when you visit a website. Most web developers use languages like JavaScript, React.js, and Angular to create these user interfaces.

Database Technology:

The database is the storage of the website records. The database is also made up of code and stores all the information that is used in or accessed on your site. There are many types of databases (MySQL Community Server, Microsoft SQL Server Express, Oracle Express Edition, etc.).


Q1: What is the difference between Web developer vs Front end developer?

Ans: A front-end developer is usually someone that deals exclusively with the part of the website that you see and use. On the other hand, a web developer is a person who is responsible for the overall structural development of a website (Both Front-End & Back-End).

Q2: Why web designing is important?

Ans: There are many advantages of an elegant web design.

                ·    A good web design helps establish your business brand.

                ·    A responsive and well-designed website gets you more leads.

                ·    An attractive web design increases the visitors trust in your goods or services.

Final Words:

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